Anthony Copeman created SharesTV, $hares The Animated Series, and has founded Financial Lituation. If you’re a millennial and are looking for an excellent black financial advisor in the US, Anthony is the right choice. He works on helping people build wealth instead of just focusing on making money. Anthony aims to change our mindset regarding wealth creation, which many people view as a secondary goal.

Ash Exantus is often called ‘The Financial Motivator’and has an impressive following, especially among millennials. He has written several books, including The Wake-Up Call: Financial Inspiration Learned from 4:44 + A Step by Step Guide on How to Implement Each Financial Principle. In his published works, he aims to help people manage their money effectively and have fun while doing it.

Choncé Maddox Rhea is a personal financial coach and a certified financial education instructor (CFEI). Her goal is to help people regain control of their finances, which can be difficult in this era of mounting debt.  Choncé has faced many financial struggles, including a debt of $40,000 that she paid off to become debt-free.

Courtney Richardson is a stockbroker and investment advisor, helping people use their money to earn passive income. She is one of the best black financial coaches for women who want to create a robust investment portfolio. Her website offers resources to help people understand the stock market, college savings, retirement funds, etc.

Generation Wealthy)Samantha Ealy created Generation Wealthy, a nonprofit website that produces financial education content, to break the taboo of talking about money. Inspired by her own money mistakes in college, the site promotes basic financial literacy.

His & Her Money / Talaat and Tai McNeely run the “His & Her Money” podcast, aimed at helping married couples navigate their financial lives. The couple paid off more than $30,000 in debt together.

Investopedia  / A good starting place for those who find themselves dumbfounded by the terms used in the financial world.

Kevn L. Mathews II / If you’re looking for good black financial advisor books, Kevin’s Starting Point – How to Create Wealth that Lasts is a good read. He is an experienced financial expert who can help you overcome obstacles and create multiple revenue streams. He aims to help clients simplify their finances so that they can reach any goal.

Khan Academy  / A revolution in education. The site’s stated goal is to provide a world-class education for free. The founder of the website, Salman Khan, is a former hedge fund manager who decided he’d rather spend his time providing free financial education, rather than navigating the market. He has three degrees from MIT, as well as one from Harvard Business School, and he’s using his smarts to help regular people make sense of complex concepts.

Learnvest  / A wonderful, helpful resource, and considered to be a personal finance 101 of sorts. Whether you want to know more about earning, saving, budgeting, taxes, mortgages, investing, etc. it is a great resource whether you are just learning about money, or you are trying to deepen your understanding of it.

Madam Money / Tarra Jackson runs the Madam Money blog.  She is a financial consultant and has worked as an executive at banks and credit unions.

Michelle Singletary writes “The Color of Money,” a weekly personal finance column that appears in more than 100 newspapers across the country. She is also the author of three books on personal finance. / One of the most accessible and most popular personal finance tools available, and it is excellent. Mint is free, it is easy and helps you maintain the budget you set by sending you notifications when you’ve hit a certain budget for the month. It helps you maintain the good financial habits you want to start forming now. It is one of the best tools on the market that gives you a great overlook of your financial health.

My Fab Finance / Tonya Rapley’s blog teaches millennial women of color how to overcome debt and regain control of their finances. Rapley draws from her own experience of paying off debt and building her credit score.

Patrice Washington built a fortune in real estate by the age of 25 and then lost it all during the Great Recession. On Redefining Wealth, her website and podcast, she shares lessons from her journey getting out of debt by teaching others how to manage their finances without chasing money.

Paychecks & Balances / Marcus Garrett and Rich Jones run the “Paychecks & Balances” weekly podcast, talking about ways millennials can increase their paychecks and reduce their credit card balances. Jones works as a human resource professional, and Garrett draws on his personal experience of paying off more than $30,000 in debt.

Popcorn Finance / Chris Browning studied financial planning in college, but ended up becoming an accountant. His passion to share his knowledge and his own experience paying off $27,000 in debt inspired him to start the “Popcorn Finance” podcast.

 Robinhood App  / A straightforward brokerage service app designed for mobile phones that offers free trading, and geared toward beginning investors. The app makes investing in certain stocks very easy for millennials. It profits from the accrued interest of clients’ uninvested cash balances.

Tela Holcomb is someone many black women can relate to. She isn’t a professional stockbroker or financial expert. Despite this, she has managed to build a six-figure stocks and options trade. She believes that everyone can learn how to make money on the stock market and create wealth. Her goal is to help people reach their full financial potential without sacrificing time spent with family.

The Frugal Feminista / Kara Stevens chronicled her experience paying off $65,000 in debt on her blog, She uses her blog as a platform to teach women of color how to manage their finances.

The Simple Dollar  / This blog is a resource of 101 courses in investing, banking, loans, insurance, credit, etc. It’s a great starting point for making well-informed and strategic investment decisions.