• A percentage of the proceeds from each sale will be donated to charities promoting social justice and to creative endeavors that empower people of color.

Sneek Peek into the spring 2022 line

As someone has so eloquently stated, laundry should be the only thing separated by color.
Artistry and Fortitude is committed to being the change we want so much in the world. As an online Black-owned clothing store, we’re giving voices to designers who know what it feels like to be unheard. The retail industry isn’t foreign to a misrepresentation which is why our t-shirts offer more than just a piece of clothing. They are pieces of art showcasing our cause to include everyone in the narrative, which means every dark-colored race worldwide.
Creating hashtags and advocating for Black lives isn’t just a one-month-per-year issue. It needs to be reinforced daily so that it influences systemic racism while portraying ally-ship whenever required.
Influencer t-shirts from Artistry and Fortitude come from diverse designers hoping to create waves manifesting change in a way that genuinely matters. Supporting Black-owned clothing brands is a way to support the community, many of which have been disproportionally affected by present uncertainties.

How to sustain Black-owned clothing stores

Black designers are behind some of the most exciting and innovative fashion pieces in today’s retail market. Do your closet a favor and shop from Artistry and Fortitude so that our designers may also see some recognition while paying homage to years of struggles by their ancestors.
Some of the ways you empower inclusivity by investing in Black-owned business include:
• Reducing the racial wealth gap by identifying small businesses that offer meaningful savings, generational wealth, and credit building.
• It strengthens local communities since their success leads to community success.
• Fostering job creation since they are likely to hire from within the local community. They need to earn enough in order to do that, which means you’re not just buying an influencer t-shirt but creating change in the bigger picture.
• Celebration of Black culture and other dark raced communities. Apparel goes a long way in instilling subtle messages into people while you gain valuable products that bring a unique character.


Haile Selassie


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Amilcar Cabral



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